Lastifil 236TM small

Lastifil 236TM

Seamless metal cored wire for hardfacing.

EN ISO 14700 (T Z Fe2)

General description:

Copper plated, seamless metal cored wire for hardfacing (55 – 65 HRC). Well suited for wear resisting parts subject to heavy impact and shock. Very high resistance to wear caused by the abrasive action of minerals, clay, sand, gravel, and so on. The molten pool is easily controlled, the beads are smooth. The absence of slag allows welding in several layers, without the necessity to remove the slag. The deposited metal is crack-resistant, also after several layers.

Typical applications:

Mechanical spades, bulldozers, scrapers, crushing hammers, bucket and loader teeth, conveyors, crusher jaws, crusher cones, etc.

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:



Standard wire feed rolls suffice for feeding this wire without problems. Mixed gas Ar-CO2 about 12 litres a minute. The interpass temperature should be maximum 250°C. The weld metal requires no buffer layer except on materials considered critical. In this situation, Lastifil 20TB or LF8070 is to be used as a buffer. The weld metal is machinable by carbide tools, hardening is possible.

Packaging information:

1,2mm x 16kg spool -ArticleNo.:9236.TM12
1,6mm x 16kg spool -ArticleNo.:9236.TM16

Other dimensions and packaging on request.

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Lastek Lastifil 236TM
English, 21.11.2019.