About us

Norsk Sveiseteknikk AS (NST) was established in 1991 and represents Nippon Steel Welding & Engineering (NSWE) in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.

Our main product is seamless flux and metal cored welding wires from NSWE, developed with NSWE’s own ICF (In-line Continuous Filling) production method, but we can also offer a complete lineup of NST welding consumables and complimenting products for the welding industry.

NST has a highly qualified staff on call to give you full technical and practical support, including welding demonstrations of our products and special on-site training programs tailored to individual companies.

Our Central warehouse facilities in Norway holds about 2000 tons of welding consumables, ensuring quick and reliable deliveries of large volumes. NST also has warehouses in the UK, Poland, USA and Singapore.

Our slogan is ”Perfect Welding”, and with perhaps the highest quality products available in the market today, we are ready to back this up.