NST MIG ERNiCrMo-3 small

NST MIG ERNiCrMo-3(625)

MIG Wire for welding of 6Mo alloy (i.e 254 SMO and Inconel 625).

AWS A5.14/A5.14M: 2011 ERNiCrMo-3
EN ISO 18274: 2011 NiCr22Mo9Nb

General description:

NST MIG ERNiCrMo-3 is used for welding of 6Mo alloy (i.e. 254 SMO and Inconel 625) and for cladding of mild steel and other stainless steels. The filler metal is used for both manual welding and for robotic or mechanized application on both pipes and plates. Normally Ar/He is used as shielding gas. The level of gas flow will depend upon wire diameter and the specific application. When welding pure Austenite materials, it is recommended to use very low heat input, low mixture with parent material and low interpass temperature. ”Purity” is the keyword when welding high alloyed materials. Impurities in the weld, will cause porosity. Welding of pipes require the use of purge gas in order to ensure a stainless root face of the weld. Please contact us for further details on purge equipment. Interpass temperature should not exceed 150°C, and heat input should not exceed 1,5kJ/mm. Can be supplied in dull or bright surface.

Typical chemical composition of welding wire:


Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

470 Mpa750 Mpa42 %

Packaging information:

1.0mm x 15kg spool D300 -ArticleNo.:12610110
1.0mm x 250kg drum Ø51cm -ArticleNo.:7541510
1.14mm x 15kg spool D300 -ArticleNo.:12610114
1.14mm x 250kg drum Ø51cm -ArticleNo.:7541515
1.2mm x 15kg spool D300 -ArticleNo.:12610120
1.2mm x 250kg drum Ø51cm -ArticleNo.:7541512

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NST MIG ERNiCrMo-3(625), English, 10.02.2016.