SF-36EA small


Rutile basic flux cored wire for tough requirements in restraint joints.

AWS A5.29 E81T1-Ni1M-H4
AWS A5.36 E81T1-M21P6-K6-H4
AWS A5.36 E81T1-M21A6-K6-H4
EN ISO 17632-A: T 46 4 ZMnNi R M21 2 H5
EN ISO 9606-1: FM1

General description:

SF-36EA is a seamless rutile basic flux cored wire for welding non- and low alloyed steels with Argon/CO2 mixed shielding gas. The wire has good weldability with a stable arc, minimum spatter, good penetration and bead appearance. SF-36EA is your choice if you want a safe alternative against cracks and has very good mechanical properties down to -60°C. Due to its seamless characteristic, the wire has an extremely low content of hydrogen. One of the main benefits with this wire is that it has far better results against cracks in restraint joints than normal rutile wires. The wire can also be used as the root run against ceramic backing. SF-36EA has documented results in PWHT. The wire has approvals in all positions although it is most suitable in PA/PB and PC. The wire has a copper coated smooth surface which together with exact diameter and perfect roundness ensures even and safe wire feeding even with extended conduit cables.

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:


Typical mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

YieldTensileElongationCharpy Charpy PWHT
560 Mpa620 Mpa30 %106V(J)/-40°C75V(J)/-40°C

Diffusible hydrogen content:

≤5 ml/100g (2,0 ml/100g typical).

Packaging information:

1,2mm x 12,5kg spool D300 -ArticleNo.:5312400
1,2mm x 5,0kg spool D200 -ArticleNo.:5312405

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SF-36EA, English, 06.07.2023.