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Storage and handling – Electrodes

NST Electrodes.

Method of storage:

Coated electrodes should be stored in it´s original packaging/ container until use. The withdrawal of electrode packages from stock should be based on the “first-in / first-out” principle.
In order to prevent humidity-induced damage, the electrodes should be stored under climatically controlled conditions with ideal temperatures between 17 and 25°C and a maximum relative air humidity of 60%.

Recommended maximum storage time is 3 years.

Handling / re-drying:

Electrodes needs re-drying before use. The recommended temperature and period of time are indicated on the electrode packaging labels and technical specification. Electrodes in vacuum-packed or sealed containers does not need re-drying provided the original packaging seal is unbroken. No special storage climate control is necessary for these electrodes.
Electrodes exhibiting poor arc-stability, heavy spatter or slag removal difficulties have probably been damaged by moisture pick-up. In these cases good welding properties can only be restored by re-drying.
It is recommended that the re-drying process takes place immediately prior to welding. For basic coated and high alloyed electrodes it is recommended using heated electrode quivers during welding.


Storage and handling,
NST Electrodes.
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