NST 7016S small

NST 7016 S

Basic electrode for low and unalloyed steels of up to 600N/mm².

AWS: SFA5.1 E 7016
EN 499: E 38 2 B 12 H10
DIN 1912 E 51 43 B R 10

General description:

NST 7016 S is a multi-purpose electrode suitable for assembly work, workshop and repair welding. Smooth and clean welds which blend into base metal reducing the chances of undercut. Excellent gap bridging properties. Due to its double covering, the electrode has a stable and concentrated arc and is therefore ideally suited for root pass and positional welding.

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:


Mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

Min.380 Mpa470-600 MpaMin.20 %Min.100V(J)/-20ºC

Packaging information:

2,0 x 300 2,0kg pack, box 12,0kg -ArticleNo.:56120
2,5 x 350 2,0kg pack, box 12,0kg -ArticleNo.:56125
3,2 x 450 2,3kg pack, box 13,8kg -ArticleNo.:56132
4,0 x 450 2,6kg pack, box 15,6kg -ArticleNo.:56140

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