NST E 309MoL small

NST E 309MoL

Rutile low carbon molybdenum electrode for welding heat resistant steels.

AWS A5.4: E 309MoL-17
EN ISO 3581-A: E 23 12 2 LR 32

General description:

NST E 309MoL is a rutile, low carbon electrode for welding analogous, heat resistant steels and steel castings. Scaling resistant up to 1000 °C. Suitable for joining dissimilar steels (unalloyed steels with stainless steels), welding steam boiler constructions, hardening plants, crude oil and ceramics industries. Also suitable for buffer layers. Excellent welding properties in all welding positions, except vertical down (PG).

This product is also available in a premium vacuum-pack, with smart 2-in-1 packaging.

Typical chemical composition of all-weld-metal:


Mechanical properties of all-weld-metal:

Min.350 MpaMin.550 MpaMin.25 %Min.47V(J)/+20ºC

Packaging information:

2,0 x 300, 1,7kg pack,  box 10,2kg -ArticleNo.:7515200
2,5 x 300, 1,7kg pack, box 10,2kg -ArticleNo.:7515250 
3,2 x 350, 2,1kg pack, box 12,6kg -ArticleNo.:7515325
4,0 x 350, 2,2kg pack, box 13,2kg -ArticleNo.:7515400
Premium Vacuum Pack SuperDry 2-in-1:

2,0 x 300, 1,8kg(2 x 0,9kg) pack,  box 16,2kg -ArticleNo.:7545200
2,5 x 300, 1,8kg(2 x 0,9kg) pack, box 16,2kg -ArticleNo.:7545250 
3,2 x 350, 1,6kg(2 x 0,8kg) pack, box 16,0kg -ArticleNo.:7545325
4,0 x 350, 1,0kg(2 x 0,5kg) pack, box 10,0kg -ArticleNo.:7545400

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NST E 309MoL, English, 24.08.2018.