NST INOX Pickling Bath

• For all types of corrosion resistant materials
• Short reaction time
• Superior pickling coverage
• Easy removal
• For smooth, even surfaces

Article number: 804100

General description:

NST Pickling Bath is used for recreating a perfect corrosion resistant surface on stainless steels. Removes surface contamination like welding oxides and corrosion products. The pickling is applied by lowering the workpiece in the bath until the process is finished. A water jet is recommended for residue removal shortly after the pickling process.
This product is toxic and has a strong caustic effect. For use in ventilated surroundings with prescribed protective equipment. Please note that this is a concentrate meant to be diluted with water. Always remember to add the acid to the water, and not the other way around. Water first, then acid. Mixing ratio depends on the desired effect/strength. Please observe the hazard and safety advice on container label.

Reaction time (20°C):

AISI 316L: 20 min.
SAF 2205(Duplex): 60 min.

Packaging information:

Container 1000 kg.

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NST Inox Pickling Bath
English, 17.02.2016.