Tetrix 230 AC/DC Comfort 2.0 puls 8P TM

Modular AC/DC TIG inverter welding machine

• Modular AC/DC TIG inverter welding machine
• Gas- or water-cooled
• Features characteristics for EWM activArc  and EWM spotArc
• Electronic HF-start
• TIG liftarc welding without HF
• Special AC welding procedure to join  markedly different aluminium plates together, for example 1,0mm to 10,0mm
• Adjustable AC waveform, sine, trapezoidal,  square current
• Adjustable AC frequency, 50hz to 200hz
• Adjustable AC balance
• TIG automated pulsing
• Pulsed TIG welding in Hz and kHz ranges  up to 15 kHz
• 100 free memory locations for recurring  welding tasks (JOBs)
• Reduced secondary current accessible using  torch trigger
• Spot welding/tack function  (spotArc/spotmatic
• MMA welding
• MMA average value pulsing
• Adjustable hot start current and hot start time
• Antistick function
• Connection capability for remote control and  function torch
• IP23.

Article number: 090-000239-00504